Why Your Brand Should Start a Podcast: Benefits of Marketing With Audio

Why Your Brand Should Start a Podcast: Benefits of Marketing With Audio
Photo by Vika Strawberrika / Unsplash

Content is king. As paid media becomes less effective, organic content is a lifeline for marketers regardless of industry. But this begs the question - what kind of content should you invest in? In this post, we'll address podcasting for your brand. (Hint: You're gonna want one)

Podcasts and content marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly (or almond butter, if that's more your thing). Why? Because, if executed properly, you're providing your brand's target audience with legitimate value before they engage with your product.

Most SaaS businesses sell software that solves an existing problem - one that generally affects a massive number of companies or individuals. Your copy, assets, and messaging all work together in tandem to build trust that your product is the right solution to engage with. Generally, this is done by establishing two things:

  • Your company understands the problem your customers face
  • Your company is the foremost industry expert on solving this problem

Inevitably, branding and marketing teams run into an issue. You can say these things all you want, but how do you prove it?

Testimonials are an okay start. Blog posts work, too - but generally speaking, they're not particularly engaging, are filled with jargon, and are a one way communication channel. That is to say, your customers cant communicate back. They cant be a part of the conversation. Blogs talk at customers.

Podcasts, on the other hand, talk with customers. If you're a content marketer, podcasting might just be your new BFF.

When done right, podcasts deliver powerful and convincing messages through stories. If your brand can be the vehicle to tell these stories - whether they're tales of business transformation or personal development - you've hit the jackpot.

People aren't just looking to be entertained by podcasts. They're also looking for insights, perspectives, and recommendations that they can apply to their careers and even personal lives.

Success begets success. Sharing stories of success as it applies to your niche has a positive halo effect on your company. You'll build relationships, trust, and most importantly a powerful brand that cannot be doubted as the solution provider for the needs you address.

Podcasting presents an opportunity for your brand to be the voice of authority and build a relationship with customers before they've even made a purchase.

All that would be enough on its own, but it gets better.

Podcasts are also content farms. Content goldmines, actually. One hour of audio becomes week's worth of material to distribute across all your platforms. We're talking key takeaways, show notes, audiograms, videograms, quote cards/graphics, social posts, and full length blog posts as well. Content repurposing is hard work, but it is always worth it.

If you're not already podcasting, you need to be. And if you are, make sure you're doing it right.

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