Top 5 B2B Podcast Production Agencies and Companies (with prices)

Top 5 B2B Podcast Production Agencies and Companies (with prices)
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Producing a bad B2B podcast easy. Really easy. That's why everyone does it.

If done right, it can have a profound impact on your B2B marketing goals.

Producing a great B2B podcast that actually drives results takes a team of dedicated experts and is time consuming.

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You might be thinking about in-house production, but you run the risk of developing a "dead podcast walking" - a zombie podcast that exists without results, and therefore without purpose. These podcasts are financial black holes that detract from your marketing team's ability to address their core responsibilities.

Podcasting is a powerful B2B marketing tool and can be a game a game changing content marketing channel.

One of the best things about podcasts is that they offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level. Unlike other content formats, B2B podcasts allow you to have a direct line to your audience that feels more like a conversation than a one-way communication.

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So, if you're looking to start a podcast for your organization, you'll want to find the right production agency to do the heavy lifting. We've highlighted some of the best here to make your search easier. Whichever you chose, you'll be in good hands and on your way to producing a top-notch branded podcast.

Podsicle Media
Podsicle Media

1. Podsicle Media

Podsicle Media is a premier, full-service podcast production agency that specializes in end-to-end production and additional content including:

  • Guest booking
  • Content generation and repurposing (blog posts, videos, social copy, etc.)
  • Strategy
  • Branding and creative
  • Promotion and syndication

The team has decades of experience - which, considering podcasting went mainstream just over a decade ago, makes them as veteran as they come.

What makes them unique: Podsicle Media emphasizes strategy and content generation in their client work. Having seen the industry develop over its lifetime, they've realized no amount of marketing can overcome poor strategy or a lack of supplemental content.

They work from their "Core Four" strategies - Demand Generation, Reputation, Community, and Content Based Networking - to create a unique approach for each client.

Every episode is then repurposed into SEO optimized blog posts, social media videos, audiograms, quote cards, and social copy.

Pricing: Podsicle Media's clients pay, on average, $5k/month.

Content Allies

2. Content Allies

Another veteran agency, Content Allies brings 8+ years of industry experience to the table. They handle start to finish production, and focus on building business relationships through podcasting.

This method of account based marketing is their specialty. They produce quality content, and have a strong reputation in the industry.

What makes them unique: Content Allies facilitates relevant conversations with your ideal customers. You show up to connect and talk.

Pricing: Starts at $5k-$10k/mo

Lower Street
Lower Street

3. Lower Street

Lower Street is a reputable agency that is based in the UK. They are known for their scriptwriting, and thrive when working on narrative based, scripted entertainment shows. They also produce internal programs for clients, like those meant to onboard new hires and get them acquainted with company culture.

What makes them unique: Lower Street is more than a simple production house. They have a team of strong writers that help craft compelling scripted programs or effectively communicate internal values through podcasting.

Pricing: Not published

Sweet Fish
Sweet Fish

4. Sweet Fish Media

With a strong social media presence, Sweet Fish Media has made a name for themselves in the space. They have a high ranking podcast which they use to host discussions on B2B growth. Sweet Fish handles most of the services clients tend to need, and like the others on this list, have a positive industry reputation.

They focus on turning executives into influencers through podcasting, and publish a lot of reading on the subject.

What makes them unique: Sweet Fish is focused on building influence for the leaders of your brand. Sort of a hybrid approach between influencer marketing and podcasting, Sweet Fish emphasizes executive thought leadership.

Pricing: Most clients pay between $4k-$8k/mo


5. Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings is a bit different than the other vendors on this list. They have unique software which they provide as a service, as well as offering production and phase based services like launch packages. They serve a different kind of client than the other 4 agencies, but it is important to highlight those with different and unique offerings in case Resonate Recordings fits your needs.

What makes them unique: Resonate Recordings has their own distribution software, along with offering a-la-carte production offerings. They are geared towards individuals looking for support in their podcasting efforts, but are capable of a wide range of services.

Pricing: A-la-carte, found here

These agencies usually take clients through a process that starts with strategy and evolves into ongoing, full scale production work. Generally, this includes:


Developing a clear vision and purpose for your podcast is critical. This will help you determine your target audience, topics, format, and length. It sets the approach for everything else going forward.

Show Development

After constructing a strategy, it's time to develop your show. This includes creating an engaging name, description, and intro. The key here is to build a show that effectively accomplishes the goals identified in the strategy phase.

Asset Development

You'll need assets to promote and distribute your podcast. This includes cover artwork, website copy, and more.

Guest Booking

Proper guest booking includes research, outreach, and scheduling, in addition to both guest and host preparation. A strong agency will take care of all of these responsibilities.


Recording episodes, along with the intro and outro, is just the start of production. These agencies will mix, master, and optimize your podcast to ensure the highest quality content is published.

Content Repurposing

In addition to the audio recordings, you'll need to create other content to promote your podcast. This can include blog posts, infographics, videos, and more. The best agencies develop this content for you, allowing for amplification of your show and increased engagement. Momentum for a series is often generated here.

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Some of these agencies offer much more in addition to what is listed above. Beyond the range of what they offer, it is important to review the quality of their work as well. Not all content marketing is created equal.

If you have more questions about podcast production, feel free to contact any of the services above. Most of them will likely be happy to share their expertise on a call and provide more information. You can also get in touch and learn more below.