10 Ways to Repurpose a Podcast: Amplify Your Episodes With More Content

10 Ways to Repurpose a Podcast: Amplify Your Episodes With More Content
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When you think of a podcast, you're probably imagining a one hour audio file. While you are technically correct, podcasts are so much more than that. B2B podcasts are a powerful content marketing tool that enable organizations to build trust with their ICP, provide valuable insights, and entertain their listeners.

But what happens after you record and publish a new episode? You certainly don't just stop there. In fact, while you may think that the work is done when you press upload, you're only just getting started on expanding your reach and building your brand. Podcasts are content engines, and you've got a full tank of gas when you publish a new episode.

Repurposing, also known as amplification, is the single most important thing you can do after publishing an episode. Often times, it is the make or break difference between booming success and colossal failure.

Here are ten ways to repurpose your B2B podcast and turn each episode into more content:

Full Video

Just because your podcast is audio-based, doesn't mean you can't also create a full video of the episode. Recording video in high quality while podcasting is easier than ever, and YouTube is the world's second largest search engine. Take advantage of this medium and extend your reach by opening your podcast up to new audiences, including those that may prefer video content.

Blog Posts

If you're producing a quality podcast, then each episode has more than enough compelling content for at least one blog post. In fact, if you're not already repurposing your podcast into blog posts, you're missing out on valuable SEO real estate. By expanding on the topics discussed, you are adding more value for your audience, as well as giving them an alternative way to engage with the episode.


Audiograms are short, shareable clips that feature audio from your podcast. They're perfect for social media, and they give listeners a taste of what your episode is about. You can create audiograms using tools like Headliner. If you just publish a podcast and stop there, you're betting that new listeners will tune in and subscribe based on the title, show notes, and first 30 seconds alone. Give them a sample of the brilliant content you produce and hook them by sharing audiograms.

Video Clips

While an audiogram is a great way to share audio content on social media, sometimes you just need video. If you want to stand out, try incorporating motion graphics or 2D animation in your clips. Quality video content is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd – and just like audiograms, video offers new listers an entry point they would otherwise miss.

Quote Cards

Take advantage of the great sound bites and quotes from your podcast by creating social media quote cards. Generally, these are static images with a text overlay. Quote cards are a great way to start a conversation on social media, and they're also easy to make. We've already discussed producing video and audio content, but well designed text based content is the easiest way for those of us scrolling our social feeds to become acquainted with your podcast.


If you want people to really engage with your podcast, consider offering transcripts. Transcripts are great for B2B because they offer a way for busy professionals to consume your content while they're on the go. They are also perfect for SEO, which can help lead more people to not only your podcast, but your business in general.

Social Copy

Your social team already has top notch copywriting skills, so social media is a great place to promote new content. But with so much noise on social, it can be difficult to get your content seen and heard. Keep things simple, invite your followers to tune in, and make people feel like they will get value from clicking through to your episode.

Teaser Videos

A teaser video is a short clip that gives viewers just enough information to want to know more. They are perfect for social media, and they can be very strong promotional tools for a B2B podcast. Teaser videos differ from video clips because teaser videos are focused on promoting the series as a whole, whereas video clips highlight certain specific moments and episodes.

LinkedIn Content

Your LinkedIn connections and followers are already interested in what you do. Why not give them more content that they'll love? Carousel posts, discussion starters, and fresh perspectives from your podcast are a great way to engage your connections and build your network.

Audio Clips

An audio clip is a short excerpt from an episode that features a particular soundbite, theme, or moment. Clips are perfect for social media because they are shareable and bite-sized. They are also great for B2B podcasts because they can be used to promote new episodes or seasons, as well as highlight certain topics that will be of interest to your audience.

By repurposing your podcast content in different ways, you can reach a wider audience, promote your episodes more effectively, and even improve your SEO.

This might seem like a lot of work, and it is. In podcasting, hard work and meticulous content production often separate winners from the rest of the pack. For many companies, this is too much to do internally. Rather than add all of this to an internal team's plate, or reduce the output in a time and effort saving measure that eliminates any chance of success, many companies elect to work with a B2B podcast agency.

The right agencies consist of podcasting experts who can ensure things operate smoothly and successfully while you continue to focus on your primary marketing responsibilities.

We often get asked about the top B2B podcast agencies, so we compiled a list of the top 5 here:

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Producing a great B2B podcast takes dedicated experts. Working with an agency is a great solution. These are the top 5 B2B podcasting agencies.

Need help or want to learn more about content repurposing and amplification? Drop us a line – we're always happy to chat.