5 Types of Guests Every B2B Podcast Should Have

5 Types of Guests Every B2B Podcast Should Have
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A successful B2B podcast features great guests who share relevant insights and stories with your audience. The ideal guest is one who is relevant in the niche that your B2B podcast focuses on. Hopefully, they are energetic, inspired, or otherwise engaging to listen to. You want your guests to be able to connect with your audience and deliver value in every episode.

The best way to find great guests is to network within your industry. Attend events, trade shows, or webinars related to your niche. Get to know the leaders and innovators in your field, and reach out to them about appearing on your show. You can also search for potential guests online, using platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. Keep an eye out for experts who are regularly sharing valuable insights in their posts and tweets. When you find someone who would make a great guest, send them a personalized message asking if they’d be interested in appearing on your podcast.

Guests can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and you may be wondering what kinds of guests you should be booking for your show.

Here are the the 5 best types of guests to have on your B2B podcast:

1. Industry Experts

Industry experts are a great type of guest to have on your B2B podcast. They can offer insights and advice on a variety of topics that your listeners are concerned with. By helping to educate your listeners on the latest trends and developments in your industry, these guests elevate your reputation and trust within your niche.

Not only will industry experts help bolster your reputation as an authoritative source of information, but they can also offer valuable advice and insights on a variety of topics. This can be extremely helpful for your listeners, who are likely struggling with various challenges and concerns in their business. By providing them with solutions and advice from industry experts, you can help them overcome these obstacles and improve their business.

2. Business Owners

Business owners are another great type of guest to have on your podcast. They can share their experiences of running a business, and can also offer advice and tips. Often times, business owners wear many hats and have a wide breath of expertise. This means they are likely to be well versed and experienced in a way that your target audience can relate to.

They also usually bring great stories to share. Starting a business takes a tremendous amount of effort, is high risk, and usually leads to at least a few interesting tales to share with your audience. Because your ideal customer is listening to you podcast for entertainment, education, or both, business owners are excellent guests for your B2B podcast.

3. Thought Leaders

Podcast guests don't come much better than thought leaders. It's important to define what a thought leader is, though. Plenty of people use the phrase but it has lost some of its meaning.

A thought leader is an industry expert who has positioned themself as an influencer within their niche. Because thought leaders already have established followings, they can help generate immense exposure for your show in addition to the valuable insights. They can share your podcast with their followers and help to get it in front of a new audience. Thought leaders can be hard to book, but if you can land one you're in luck.

4. Industry Analysts

Industry analysts are similar to thought leaders, but they don't necessarily have the same level of influence. Rather, these guests focus on analyzing data and trends within their industry. This can be extremely helpful for your listeners, as it allows them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about their businesses.

Inviting an industry analyst onto your B2B podcast is a great way to provide your listeners with valuable information that they can use to improve their businesses. These guests can help them stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments, and can offer insights on how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of business.

5. Consultants

Consultants are yet another excellent type of guest for your B2B podcast . They offer a unique perspective that can be helpful for your listeners. Often times, consultants have worked with a variety of businesses in different industries. This means they likely have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Additionally, consultants are usually well-versed in the latest trends and developments in their field. This means they can offer a wide range of advice and give macro-level perspective on trends and best practices. If you're looking for a guest who can provide your listeners with actionable advice, then consultants are an excellent choice.

There are two things that all these types of guests have in common: relevance and expertise. In any quality B2B podcast, your goal should be to provide your listeners with value. Value comes in a variety of forms, but most commonly it is provided by sharing legitimately useful information to the audience. In order to do this, your guests have to be relevant and informed. Generalists, or experts that don't overlap enough with your audience, may be nice to talk with – but that's not the goal. Deliver on providing value for your audience and the rest will take care of itself.

This may seem like a given, but you be surprised how often people book guests who are less than qualified to speak on the topics at hand. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and only book guests who you are confident can provide value to your audience. The goal is to deliver quality information that will help your listeners, not to fill time with someone who isn't an expert.

If you need help booking guests on your B2B Podcast, drop us a line.